A Collection of Raid Boss Guides for Forsaken Thicket and Bastion of the Penitent

Another Fractal 40 Guide

While Jade Shard drops are disabled from gathering, here’s how to get more Jade Shards

[Research] LD Turret Farm rates g/h

Living World Season 3 ArenaNet Soundcloud

Flashpoint Living World Achievements Guide

Secret Achievements Lake Doric

22 Februar Current Events Guide

List of Eventmap Rewards

How to earn gold efficiently at Silverwaste Farming?

Lake Doric Event Map

Compilation of Lake Doric maps and resources: Optimized map completion, collection achievements, Jade Shard nodes, leather farm, and dynamic events

Best Ways to Get Petrified Wood, Fresh Winterberry Farm & Blood Ruby Farm

Guide to Efficient Ascended Gearing for Newcomers (Warning: Extremely Long, but Extremely Comprehensive!)

Engineer: Updated Skill Priority Lists and Rotation Guide for Power and Condi! :3

PVP Leaderboards / GW2 Armory

GW2 Equipment Effectiveness Spreadsheet

A Guide to Pugging T4 Fractals

[Math] DEKeyz’s GW2 Rotation Calculator

RFC: GW2 TacO online data sharing

gw2 Raid Assist

Gold Farming Events

The worth of Salvaged Debris and Petrified Wood

The worth of Unbound Magic, Blood Rubies, and opening Magic-Warped Items

Commandozeilen Argumente

Easiest Core Tyria Mastery Points (All 49 Required)

Was sind Kartenbelohnungen?

Widerstand des Drachen Guide

Weltboss: Der Große Tequatl-Guide

Weltboss: Großer Dschungelwurm-Guide (Dreifacher Ärger)

Weltboss: Der Zerschmetterer Guide

Gold Farm Guide

Erfolge farmen für Neulinge oder Zweitaccounts

Hungrige Katzen

Seaweed Farm in Ember Bay

Schnellstart für 80er

How To: Gear Fast

Ad Infinitum – Der Legendäre PvE Rücken

Günstige 20 Slot Bags

Aufgestiegener Schmuck

Auric Basin Mulitloot Guide

Alle Daily Activities

How To: Infusing Fast

Mursaat Token Locations

Petrified Wood Farming

Ember Bay Event Map

Rising Flames Achievements Guide

Liste: Kosmetische Auren

Getting Started in Raids

Raid Team Composition

[qT] Guides / DPS Benchmarks Alle Klassen

Alle Time-Gated Crafting Cooldowns

Largo Airship Cargo Karte

Stats auf Aufgestiegenen Waffen ändern

Tipps zum Gold farmen

Blood Ruby Farming

PSA: Staff Tempests! Disable “Allow Skill Retargeting”

Map Codes for Map Completion

YoloMouse Animated(!) cursors and GW2 Settings for .ini

LS3E1 High Res Wallpapers

Venomshare Thief Calculator

[DnT] Mesmer/Chronomancer.

Elementalist in Salvation Pass

Chronomancer in Salvation Pass


Guild Wars 2 Gem Store release history

Buff Food und Utility Items

How to create a Good PvE Build

Tips for Ingame Settings

Engineer Open World Build

Engineer in openworld, one of my favorite way to deal with it

Permanent Harvesting Nodes Route

sPvP Secondary Mechanic Guide

sPvP Rotation Guide

Some PvP Guides

Wichtige Waypoints für Missionen etc.

Coole Consumables

Werte von aufgestiegenen Waffen/Rüstungen ändern

Anfänger PVP Guide

PSA: Add a Mobile Authenticator to your account!

PSA: It’s totally acceptable to use fake chat codes to get into raid groups.

PSA: How to know the status of chain events in VB and TD

PSA: You can get a musical instrument for practically free (no gems required).

Leyline Anomaly Guide

PvE farming Guide

Updated Agony Resi Guide (post HoT)

Method for opening bags, tips + room for improvement.

Route/Guide for all important waypoints

Here’s a DPS Comparison of 43 Ranger Builds

Making Gold by Gathering Seasoned Wood and Hard Wood

Raid Team Composition Guide

Chak Gerent Guide

The Comprehensive Guide to sPvP for New and Experienced Players

Current Events Guide

Beginner Raid Guide

[KING] Fully updated guides for master tier Fractals of the Mists

A Guide to all the new HoT armor, weapon and backpieces

A soloable HP Guide for getting all your specs unlocked!

Node farms for small cash in a few minutes

Empyreal Fragments farming map

List of time-gated content

Verdant Brink Achievement Guide

Dragon’s Stand Achievement Guide

Tangled Depths Achievement Guide

Check here before starting to craft your precursor!

ReShade Settings Compilation

Gold verdienen leicht gemacht – Aufgestiegene Materialien

The Farmineer

The New Chronomancer

Full Bunker Chrono

Full Guild Hall Materials List

Fractal Droprates and Golden Crafting Guides

Fraktale – Level und Agony

Adventure Locations

All Adventures in Gold Guide

Guides to Elite Spec Asc Weapons and Armor Skins

Efficient Noxious POD MAP

How to Farm Experience

No-Nonsense Guide to Gearing Up at Level 80

Quantify Setups

Death and Taxes Meta Builds

ReShade + Mastereffect

Stacking XP Boosters

Guide to Leveling Masteries

Dragon Stand Mouth of Mordremoth Guide

[Guide] Sunrise 1: The Experimental Daysword

Verdant Brink Achievements

Meta-Event And Personal Progress Above Your Mini-Map

Auric Basin Meta Event Guide

Tangled Depths Meta Event Guide

HoT – Builds and Team Compositions

35gold/hr Farming (highest gold/hr) – A guide to Candy Corning

GW2: Was tun mit 80 ? Ein Community Quest Guide für jedes Ziel.

GW2 Beginner Guide for Everything !

GW2 Linkliste


GW2 Locations von Reichhaltigen Erzen

The Beginner & Intermediate Player’s Guide to Movement and Combat in Guild Wars 2

GW2 Tips